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Looking for Umrah packages 2022? Alhijaz Travel brings customizable packages for Umrah 2021 including flights, hotels, visa, and transportation in Makkah Madinah. Special cheap umrah Packages for group and family bookings for performing Umrah. Call to book and perform Umrah today with long trusted Umrah package agents in the UK.

Umrah Packages

Best 10 Days Umrah Package

5 Nights Makkah, 5 Nights Madina

Fr. £755.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

10 Days Umrah Package

5 Nights Makkah, 5 Nights Madina

Fr. £755.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

12 Day Umrah package

6 Nights Makkah, 6 Nights Madina

Fr. £785.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

4 Star 10 Days Umrah Package

6 Nights Makkah, 4 Nights Madina

Fr. £795.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

14 Day Umrah Package

7 Nights Makkah, 7 Nights Madina

Fr. £835.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

Best 3 Star 10 Days Umrah Package

5 Nights Makkah, 5 Nights Madina

Fr. £849.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

3 Star 12 Day Umrah package

6 Nights Makkah, 6 Nights Madina

Fr. £885.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

4 star 10 Day Umrah Package

6 Nights Makkah, 4 Nights Madina

Fr. £920.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

3 Star 14 Day Umrah Package

7 Nights Makkah, 7 Nights Madina

Fr. £935.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

4 Star 12 Day Umrah package

6 Nights Makkah, 6 Nights Madina

Fr. £945.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

Best 14 Days Umrah package

7 Nights Makkah, 5 Nights Madina

Fr. £965.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

08 Days 5 star Umrah Package

4 Nights Makkah, 4 Nights Madina

Fr. £965.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

08 Day Umrah package

4 Nights Makkah, 4 Nights Madina

Fr. £1045.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

10 Day Umrah package

5 Nights Makkah, 5 Nights Madina

Fr. £1095.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

5 Star Shaban Umrah Package For 10 Nights

5 Nights Makkah, 5 Nights Madina

Fr. £1129.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

14 Days Umrah package

6 Nights Makkah, 8 Nights Madina

More info Call : <02038808831>

Fr. £1196.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

12 Days Umrah package

7 Nights Makkah, 5 Nights Madina

Fr. £1225.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

10 Days Umrah Package

6 Nights Makkah, 4 Nights Madina

Fr. £1245.00 Inc. Tax More
Umrah Packages

12 Days Umrah package

7 Nights Makkah, 5 Nights Madina

Fr. £1295.00 Inc. Tax More

Being a reliable name in the travel business for almost 30 years, Alhijaz provides the wisely crafted Umrah deals for pilgrims departing from the UK. Given our reputation for Umrah travel deals for individuals in addition to groups and families, the belief our clients demonstration through excellent ratings of our Umrah deals on independent customer review websites like Review Centre, Trust Pilot and our Facebook page, it all is a evidence to our top quality and worth for money for Umrah travel. 

Why To Book Umrah Packages With Alhijaz Travel

Alhijaz is an honored agent and organizer of Umrah for Muslims in the UK looking to do this pilgrimage by availing our inexpensive and reasonably priced 5-star deals. We consider it to be our primary responsibility that we may confirm that all pilgrims feel good and satisfied on this holy journey to Mecca and Medina.

We at Alhijaz leave never compromise what we serve when it comes to providing top quality facilities (5 Star hotels) for our associate Muslims in the UK who want to go for this sacred journey. Now, You have to bear in mind that what we are providing in the core is unique and within range too, as finding exclusive deals in highest demanded hotels can be complicated and time-consuming also. Your happiness and comfort is our best priority, hence, we go for tailor the Umrah package above your expectations.

Our wisely designed Umrah deals contain hotels and accommodation, transportation, direct in addition to indirect return flight tickets beside with after-sales guidance in any part that our clients may need support with. Thousands of UK citizens appreciate the relationship of reliance and honesty and keep visiting us and referring other passengers to us for booking new Umrah packages during the year. We take into attention every detailed characteristic in a deal already and make the offer to our Umrah passengers in the UK. Entrust us if you need your perfect itinerary to be scheduled and set your way on the finest Umrah package for 2022.

Umrah Mubarak these are the words that every Muslim and lover of pilgrimage duties always like to speak. Package for going Makkah is always in minds pilgrimages. If you are one of them then you must think about Packages for going Madinah as well. Saudi Arabia is a land of Islam and the land of Muslim worshipers. Now Travel for Saudi Arabia is very easy from the UK with Alhijaz Travel because of the plethora of packages just in front of you. Just drag a cart with selected ihram item for Umrah. Change ihram clothes and start packing for your journey for Umrah. Alhijaz Travel has best Umrah tickets and forgetting, you don’t have to wait.

Star packages for Umrah are the best choices for lavish accommodations these days. Special fares and night package deals are ready to book from Alhijaztravel. You need to confirm your travel dates for the journey to Makkah to offer pilgrimage duties and book package. Select hotel according to your needs and perform a checkout from Umrah results. Direct booking of the tour to Makkah is open too. Before booking and going to pilgrimage tour you must read Saudi rules of an entrance and exist as well for Umrah. Rules for Umrah are necessary to abide by whilst you are there after making a purchase of package for Umrah. You can take your family while visiting the Holy ziyarat and tell them about each fact about every Single ziarat in mecca and medina. Services of the Saudi ministry of hajj are also reliable and caring.

Say Labbaik Allah Huma Labbaik in front of Holy Kaba Sharif, Al-haram

Deals for family Umrah in group form are also connect families to each other while doing Umrah. Couple deals for Umrah, affordable deals for Umrah are also in hot trends. Special deals for step by step Umrah guide and variety of packages are providing by Alhijaz Travel Uk. You must clear about the currency for Umrah and all the conditions while taking Umrah flight. Holidays are the best time to stay in hotels of Makkah and Madinah for Umrah. Alhijaz Travel serves with vacation Umrah packages for individuals to spend their holidays for religious obligations of Umrah. Allah o Akbar, Allah o Akbar the voice sounds good when you are in front of Holy Kaba Sharif, Al-haram. A wide variety of packages are available and give you a chance to say Labbaik Allah Huma Labbaik. Before departure, you can also check the newsletter in your inbox with the latest news about expired visas and new Umrah offers and status of your Umrah too. Minimum stay of Makkah and Madinah nights depends on the whole package that you must select before going umrahs. Terms for hotels and flights are also mentioned in your invoice you just check that and read that before Umrah departure.

Choose favorite Umrah package according to your price range. Citizen of United Kingdom can stay in cheap luxury accommodation in affordable price Range. Actual prices are in front of you without any loss you can pick that and book our package. Being operators in the United Kingdom, London GB, we favor pure dealings for Umrah without cancellation and charges. You can ask us about luggage charges as well, however, we are not charging for luggage it depends on the airline on which you want to travel with. After booking, we send a letter in your inbox to wrap up all Umrah booking details and start your packaging. Don’t worry we refund your amount according to the refund policy of Umrah. Alhijaz gives original packages for Umrah to you with a proper database connection and deducted the number of finance charges. Travel dates are most important while you select packages. The validity of all packages is also confirmed by the Saudi ministry of hajj and establishing a good relation with UK citizens going for Umrah. Empty seats are ready to fill for Umrah and given packages ends soon. See your passport take a quick look over your photo that you have placed on passport for Umrah visa. Then check its validity, if both are ok then why you are waiting to lose Umrah seats. We are not Umrah seat holders we are here to give you actual Umrah seats for your Umrah rituals.

Some Pieces of Advice For The Umrah Traveler

Those, who were the Muslims, planning their holy excursion to the sacred land of Makkah, definitely need to manage some arrangements to reach and perform the Umrah rites. For that, after arranging Visa, they need accommodation, transport, and some other arrangements as well. The best suitable option is to take the services of any travel agent responsible for all the management for the Umrah. They offer Umrah packages for the holy travelers, which are designed in such a way that they cover all in one. They provide the pilgrim, peace of mind and safety of investment, both at the same time.

These Umrah packages are of several types depending on standards of services provided or required by the pilgrims, according to their budget. These packages vary due to the amenities provided in each package. These packages which the Umrah agents proposed are a sort of tailor-made Umrah packages, which have great elasticity and flexibility in them to get adjusted according to the demand and budget of the client/ pilgrim. These may also be customized according to the number of days of stay in the specific location/ city, the standard of the flight taken, the accommodation standard and the transportation facility as well. The provision of food and many other facilities also affect the service and the package.

Types of Umrah Deals

Umra Deals are mostly of three types, Individual Umrah deal, family Umrah deal, and group deals. In all the deals pilgrims can hire the travel guide to visit the holy places of Makah and Madinah.

Individual Umrah: If any pilgrim wants to perform solo Umrah, this is a perfect deal.
Family Umrah: For performing Umrah with family this is the best option for pilgrims.
Group Umrah: Going for Umrah with your friends and colleagues then group Umrah is the right choice for you. This is the most demanded type of Umrah package where you can share your expenses with 4 and 6 people who are in your group.

How Much Luggage Do We carry For Umrah?

Luggage allowance is also offering by airlines doing their operations for Umrah flights. Great price range can take you with best offers to your Umrah destination by Alhijaztravel services. There are no language barriers while you are doing Umrah. Family reference also gives you an advantage of taking special deals of Umrah policy by Alhijaz travel. Offers added for airline ticket price or rent for hotels where you are staying in Makkah and Madinah. The whole package includes rent of everything that you can change before sign the invoice and remove your unwanted hotel as well. Hence, by taking tours with special features of the whole package for Umrah you can link up your journey in a comfortable way. Furthermore, we send you all package details in your email address, you have to sign in and read all the relevant details about Umrah package before sign out.

How to Apply For Umrah Visa and Check Umrah Passport?

You always heard about passport photo will be in a proper white or blue background according to passport size of the photo before applying for a visa with the application form. Original photos, passport and billing address documents save a lot of time for visa processing and minimize the rejection chances too. Exclusive moments for Umrah partners who are going in the group they can share their expenses too. Call your agency even us and ask about premium Umrah deals with exclusive offers. Sometimes system for Umrah verification is also loading in Saudi checkout gates so at that moment you can call us too for your clearance. Make sure, these packages cater original session with Umrah groups and there is no worry if you violate any rules of Saudi government during Umrah.

Young individuals can go for Umrah with their families or in a group. Alhijaz travel feels proud to bring all Umrah packages in all categories for you. Your privacy is very important while you are staying in Makkah and Madinah hotels for Umrah. All packages separate different query and requirements for your desired Umrah deals and for Makkah and Madinah city. You can assist your colleagues too about Umrah regarding facilities that you take from Alhijaz and updated packages without chances of cancellation. It is very difficult to bear when your tour operator canceled your packages and you are sharing your stories on social media about what happened to you. Believe on Allah Almighty who is Rehman and Raheem while going for Umrah and find low-cost Umrah deals to cater your journey. Twin Holy cities of Saudi Arabia are just little ahead from the United Kingdom. Take your flight and start your Umrah.

How to Get Best Visa Service for Urgent Saudi Umrah Visa Only

A qualified, ATOL, IATA approved travel agency is focusing on giving superior travel service to all pilgrims. Every year, many people go to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Now low-cost umrah Visa service is coming and all around all over the UK, people are trying to reserve best and low price packages. This time performs your Umrah with us and takes our most excellent services. Alhijaztravel UK a name of trustworthy Umrah supplier, for families with cheap flights, clean hotel, confirm visa and comfortable transportation to experience the blessings of Allah SWT at low price packages.

Meningitis Vaccine Compulsory Once More For Umrah Visa

As per a circular distributed among travel agents in the UK, the Saudi consulate in London has advised that the Meningitis vaccine certificate, also known as ACWY record, has been full mandatory, once again for Umrah visa giving out. The certificates will be desirable along with passports. This is a confession move by the Saudi embassy, recognized there was a waiver for the same for the last few years. Travelers have shown mixed reactions on the plan. Some are of the vision that this is good for their own physical state, while others see it as an added obstruction to an already slowing Umrah Visa procedure. Meningitis, on the other hand, has always been taken badly, and this has been additionally emphasized by this new round. This rule is there for any submissions only still if, and the pilgrims, who have already protected their Visas will be exempt from submitting the certificates to the deputation. But, it is extremely likely, that the Ministry of Hajj and health officials will be keeping a strict check on this for pilgrims arriving in Saudi Arabia from now on and might request pilgrims to produce the certificates. So, it is powerfully advised that a poke should be taken nonetheless. It is speculated that due to the waiver, there was an important figure of pilgrims that was taking the instructions about getting a meningitis poke and taking a certificate beside, instructions lightly.

The Preparation of the Umrah Guidelines and Tips

Once you reach the limits of the Meeqat, it would be better to get ritually pure. For that, the pilgrim should take a bath after shedding off all the clothes. This must be a ritual bath, after which men can perfume their head and beard, and wear the two clothes of Ahram. The women are prohibited to use any fragrances during the Umrah and Hajj.

After getting in the Ahram, it is recommended to perform two Rakaat Namaz e Ahram, which is also considered to be an intention of the Umrah. It is said that this is not obligatory, but the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, offer this Salat. After this, the pilgrim makes the intention of the Umrah, saying: Labayk Allahuma Umrah. The conditions of the Ahram clothing are altogether different for the women. They can carry their ordinary outfits which match the rules of Hijab. Once the pilgrim takes over the Ahram, now the males pronounce Talbiyah loudly, while the female has to keep their voices low, yet they both should keep reciting the Talbiyah throughout their way to the Kaaba.

Getting entered in the Haram with the right foot, the pilgrim says the Dua e Masjid. It is highly recommended for them to keep their gaze low while entering the Kaaba, which is a sign of humility of the man before their Lord. On being close to the Kaaba, when the lowered gaze gets higher, with the first sight over the Black square, the heart of the pilgrim gets filled with the fear to face their Rab, their Lord. Being a part of the crowd, they get started their Tawaaf right from the Hajr e Aswad, circumambulating likewise around the Kaaba, and reciting and supplicating to seek the forgiveness of the Almighty. Pilgrim completes the seven rounds around the Kaaba and that constitute a whole Tawaaf of theirs.

After completing the Tawaaf, two Rakaat Sunnah are offered, preferably behind Maqam e Ibrahim, but if one fails to offer there, due to overcrowding, then, it may be offered anywhere in the Yard of the Mosque. After this Sunnah prayer, drink Aab e Zamzam, the Zamzam water, as much as to fill your thirst, and move forward to the As Safa and Al Marwah, to perform the Saee. After completing the Saee, shaving of the head makes the Umrah complete and pilgrim can come out of the Ahram.

Get Best Umrah Guidance, Tips & Documents Checklist by Alhijaztravel UK

  • Pilgrims must carry the latest ACWY vaccination certificate not older than 10 days and earlier than 3 days
  • Proper documents including marital evidence and passport should be valid and not expired for visa application
  • Low price package for the cheapest price is on stock at least 6 weeks before
  • Our services will educate you about the appropriate weight of luggage carry for Umrah
  • Make sure, December and Easter are the best times for Umrah journey to Makkah and Madinah
  • Get direct flights to Saudi Arabia from London, UK to travel in a useful calm way
  • Ask for special requirements for senior citizens, kids and disabled persons, we are happy to fulfill
  • Seriously ill or injured individuals should go for Umrah tour after getting cured with good health
  • Prepare list including booking & payments of flight ticket, accommodation, local transport, visa application, luggage, hand carry items, and accessories.
  • Keep in touch with our agents to be on the safe side in case of an emergency or trouble

How to Book Umrah UK in Advance for 2022?

Being trusted Umrah tour operators from 30 years the customers always ask to book advance Umrah packages. Alhijaz grants them complete assistance to book in advance. Here are a few steps to follow for booking cheap Umrah 2021 in advance.

  • Start searches for umrah packages in January 2021, Umrah Feb 2021 and find the results with accurate deals or try 2021 umrah package as well.
  • Start searches for Umrah tickets 2021 and find out which airlines are offering the best prices according to your travel dates or try Umrah April 2021 to get more accurate results.
  • Go to top menu bar and choose Umrah category and select category if you want to book seasonal Umrah 2021 packages in advance. Ramadan Umrah packages 2021 and December Umrah packages 2021 with Easter Umrah packages 2021 are available for advance booking.

If you have any trouble for advance booking you can contact us directly as well.

Things You Will Need to Know Before Umrah Booking!

  • Access and knowledge about the net browser and reliable sources

  • Complete know, how about the package ministry approved agents

  • The detailed knowledge of rites of the Umrah

  • The knowledge about Saudi Laws and Regulations

  • A mahram, only for the ladies below age 45

Alhijaz Travel Offers Exclusive Deals For Economy Umrah Packages 2022 From UK

Alhijaztravel offers finest Umrah packages that goal to cater the needs of all Muslims in UK. We made packages that are suitable to the various budget and schedules specially focusing on make your blessed journey useful in every piece. Experience for over 30 years facilitated us to provide the most consistent Umrah services in United Kingdom. Being a reliable travel service provider, we take the duty of all the activities and managerial tasks on our shoulders without any hesitancy. Visit the most blessed sites of Holy cities with extreme peace of mind.

We reserve inexpensive hotel rooms in the close area of mosques depending upon your preferences of budgets and needs. Whether you are seeking Economy packages with your friends and all family members, lifetime knowledge of premium services for Umrah or best-discounted deals for newly-wed couples, we have got you to cover your privacy for all, furthermore, time is not a limit, we can arrange a tour any dates in the UK even during holiday seasons of December, Easter. For the February/May half term breaks too. Be it for the pioneers or lone-goers, we offer the utmost ease for all dear customers by offering budget-friendly deals... Contact our devoted team to assist you in designing your spiritual itinerary in economical rates.

Airlines operating between the UK and Saudi Arabia for Umrah Flights

Airlines Flying from United Kingdom, London (Heathrow, Gatwick in addition to City) Airports for Umrah Flights take in Saudi Airlines, British Airways, Air Lufthansa, Turkish airline, Air Emirates, Qatar Airways, Egypt Air, Royal Jordanian, Gulf Air, Oman Air and Etihad Airways operating and flying to Jeddah and Medinah. Similarly, airlines for Umrah flying from Birmingham too, Emirates, Air France, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa are top of the list for departing from Birmingham airport. Additionally, further connections are offered via London too. Flying from Manchester are also the best option for pilgrims living near Bolton area, the choices are to Fly direct with Saudi or fly an indirect flight with Air France, a Turkish airline, air Lufthansa and the Air Emirates. Furthermore, Umrah Flights from Leeds can be routed via London in addition to Manchester connecting with a wide range of airlines including British Airways. You can also catch on board with airlines like Air France, Etihad or Turkish Airlines from Edinburgh airport too. Umrah flights are also can be taken from Glasgow with one-stop flights as well operated by Emirates.

Going on Umrah with Children or Elderly

Alhijaztraveluk provides the finest possible packages to fulfill your requirements. Whether you have required needs for Kids, children, elderly people or disabled persons; we cater for all precise arrangements, for instance, providing a cot for babies, wheelchair for the disabled citizen, special meals, etc. on demand. On special request, we can arrange a place of stay at a walking distance to holy places in Mecca and Madinah.

Saudi authorities have capitalized a lot on providing progressive facilities to guests of Allah. Those have made offering Umrah with great ease. You will get all the modern facilities at the hotel and restaurants too.

Planning to book customized Umrah packages for groups or family?

Do not try to duplicate other peoples’ travel strategies, in its place, let us see what you want and we will tailor a package for you. We offer the finest deals at cut-price rates. We can cater for any tailor-made family and group packages, opening from economy Umrah packages for 2 persons, 3 persons’ quad persons, Family Umrah deals plus 2 adults and a child or up to 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 person group Umrah packages are also available.

There is an up going trend among UK Muslim pilgrims to perform Umrah in December with family or in groups. Over the past couple of years, the large number of pilgrims are performing Umrah with family or groups. This allows them to get the cheapest deals too.

We also cater Umrah packages service for those individuals who are going in travel groups. If you are seeking for customized individual and group packages for Umrah, call our knowledgeable travel agents to discuss details.

The Rites of Umrah You Must Know

It is advice to offer Umrah more than one time in a lifetime so that it can act as the washing of the sins. Before setting off from home take gusal which means shower, offer 2 rakaats of traveling prayer. When going out of your hotel room recite" Bismillahi Tawakaltu, alla-he,wa laa hawla wa laa quwataa illa billah."

The first rite of Umrah is to wear Ihram. The Meeqaat is the place from where the traveler changes their clothes and wears the garments of Ihram. The Meeqats have identified places for those who perform Umrah with umrah packages when they are on their way to the holy house Usually there are six Meeqats if you are going to perform Umrah out of Saudi Arabia but From London, you will perform only four Meeqats. Umrah is derived from "Al Itimar" which means "a visit".
For women, there are no exact cloths designated, except that they are banned from wearing the face veil and gloves. However, they may cover their hands with the lower part of their khimaar that means a head covering while using the upper part of their jilbaab which means outer garment or another piece of fabric to cover their faces if there is need to do so. men are advisable to shave his hair, to cut his nails, to take a bath, then to wear two pieces of fabric known as Izaar and the Ridaa, clean and preferably new, to perfume his head but not his Ihram garments. This clothing is only for men. No other clothing is allowed to be wear in addition to these no underwear, no pants, no shirt, no turban, no hat, etc. are to be worn.

When you successfully arrived at the Holy Mosque in Makah named Al-Masjid Al-Haraam, we should enter with our right foot in a manner expressing humbleness and appreciation to the blessings Him, Almighty, bless his shower of blessings upon us. If it is the time to offer pray then we have to pray, if not we shall start Tawaf Al Kaaba which means 7 rounds around the Kaaba we always start from the black stone. You will notice that there are marks on the floor that guides the spot from where we have to begin. The Kaaba is on left by our left side, and we move forward on the Black Stone by saying Bismil-laahi WA Allaahu Akbar which means In the name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest. If we are too close we kiss the black stone if not then we can just touch it. If it is also not possible then we can go forward without touching. Then Sai should be done by men and women once sai is done then women should cut one or two centimeters of their head hair. Men can shave or cut their hair and for men, if they want to directly do Hajj with hajj packages after the Umrah, they could not shave their head hair, but simply cut and shorten it.

10 Places in Kaba Sharif Alharam Where Dua Accepted 

  • Mataf 

  • Multazam 

  • Mustajar

  • Inside the Holy Ka’bah

  • Below Mizab-ur-Ra_mah

  • Hatim 

  • Hajar-ul-Aswad

  • Rukn Yamani, especially when passing by it during Tawaf

  • Behind Maqam-u-Ibrahim

  • Near Zam Zam well

Muslims from all over the world travel to the sacred city of Makah in Saudi Arabia throughout the year for offering the holy obligation of umra. Today performing package and Umrah has to turn into very easy as lots of travel services agencies have introduced a large range of December umrah packages as per customers’ wants. Without these packages, pilgrims have to arrange each and everything for performing their umrah compulsions like flight booking, hotel booking, and transport and flight arrival arrangement in a strange city where the majority of the pilgrims are ones for the first time.

The appearance of expertise has provided facility to book your lodging in hotels online and also book your fights online for February but still choosing for the best available lodging, transport and flights is a difficult and complex job for most of the pilgrims.

The Common FAQs that Pilgrims asked about Umrah 

Baggage Allowance for Umrah Flights?
Hotels and Accommodation for Umrah Packages
Why Choose Alhijaz Travel to book Umrah Packages?
Know how to Perform Umrah?
Can Women Perform Umrah Alone? And other Rules for Women
What are Visa Requirements for Umrah?
Is any Vaccination required before taking Umrah Flights?
Health and Travel Insurance for Umrah?
Which Ziyaraat in Makkah and Madinah should one visit on Umrah tour? 
What type of Transport for Makkah and Madinah?
What are the best things to take as gifts from Umrah?

Mehram Guidelines for Women performing Hajj and Umrah

Islam is a faith based on mercy and sympathy. The knowledge of Islam, protect the weak and the weak. It has a detailed purpose of protecting the respect of women, their pride and specific intention of protecting the honor of women, their dignity and standing which is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) forbade women to travel alone and without someone to protect them. The factual intention of this ban is safety and protection; women are permitted to travel in a safe company accompanied by elders and trustworthy Muslim men and women.

The first thing is that who is a Mehram. A Mahram is a male family member with whom she is permanently prohibited to marry because of blood ties or ties throughout the wedding. This contains more than a few relations other than her father, grandfather, stepfather, brother, husband, son, grandson, son in law, uncle, nephew, father in law and male with whom she has shared a mother's milk are Mehram for a female according to Islam.

And all other associated expenses and are able to physically bear the travel must present Hajj. Umrah, on the other hand, can be present any times a year during one's lifespan and is not obligatory. Men and women from all over the world desire to perform Hajj and Umrah once in their lifetime.

There are varied opinions about women going to Hajj and Umrah with or without a Mehram by choosing special umrah packages in London. Some scholars are of the vision that Hajj is not compulsory for a Muslim woman is she does not have a Mehram, even if she can pay for the trip. Some scholars consider that women who do not possess Mehram and are able to afford the expenses, and then they should support some else to do Hajj in their place.

According to the current Saudi system and policy, a female under the age of 45 years cannot go for Umrah till she is accompanied with her Mehram when selecting cheap umrah packages London service. All information about the association between the two should be provided with the applications. If a woman is 45 years old or elder then she can go without a Mehram only if she is Objection Certificate as of her Mahram.

Islamic Clothing Guidelines for Women For Umrah

Every year, many people go to Saudi Arabia to perform Umra. Now low-cost Umra Visa service is coming and all around all over the UK, people are trying to reserve best and cheap packages. This time performs your Umra with us and takes our most excellent services. Alhijaz exceptional umrah package consultants for 2021 For families with cheap flights, clean hotel, confirm visa and comfortable transportation to experience the blessings of Allah SWT at lowest rate packages

A qualified service travel agency is focusing on giving superior travel service to all our customers. This web is working last few years in all around the world. We offer a wide range of services, cuisine for everyone’s needs.

The guidelines for clothing differ between men and women following the Islamic faith. There are very few rules for men. They are only required to cover themselves from the knee to the belly button. However, most men practice covering the majority of their bodies in clothing. Muslim women, on the other hand, are required to cover their entire bodies with the exception of their face and their hands when they appear in public. Some sects of a more believe that women should cover their faces as well. The Islamic faith has values that center around modesty. As a result, the clothing is very plainly adorned in most cases. Clothing of this nature is considered to fall under classical or traditional looks. Although, women are beginning to wear more bold and colorful garments as time moves forward.

Muslim women buy hijab, abaya, and niqab to comply with the Islamic guidelines of modesty and covering their bodies. The abaya is the outer garment that originated in the Middle East. The cloth stretches from the top of the head down the body to cover the feet. It is currently the most fashionable amongst the conservative women in society. The traditional color of the garment is black; however, brighter colors have recently gained popularity. During the time of Prophet Muhammad, it was meant to guard women from men's sexual gazes. This belief holds true to this very day. Islamic clothing guards a woman's modesty at all times in all situations. The niqab works as an extension of the abaya, covering the entire face with the exception of the eyes.

A hijab is currently the most common garment used to cover the face. Unlike the niqab, it wraps around the mouth and chin, forming a much tighter fit. It is made up of a square piece of fabric that is folded into a triangle, draped over the head, and then fastened under the chin. The garment generally assists in conferring the modesty of women in Islam. However, the actual name of the garment appears in the Qur'an, referring to a set of laws that govern the interactions between men and women.

The jilbab is a word used in the Qur'an to refer to the article of clothing that might sometimes be called the abaya. However, the jilbab characteristics resemble a raincoat or trench coat in the particular way it is meant to fit. While the abaya has been fashioned to cling to the body more in contemporary fashion, the jilbab is meant to remain loose as it covers the body's entire length. The term also has a particular distinction in Indonesia, referring exclusively to the cloth meant to cover the head.

The materials used for covering the face and head display a variety of subtle characteristics that distinguish each of them. The Khimar is a head covering whose drapery covers the mouth and extends far down the front of the body rather than being pinned beneath the chin or cut off at the level of the neck. The word itself translates from Arabic as "covering." The extra coverage this variation of cloth allows for further emphasizes symbolic representations of conservatism in the Islamic traditions.

Special Activities

We facilitate guests of Almighty Allah under one stop operation for all major Umrah & Hajj procedures prerequisite for a British Muslim/Muslimah. Clarity and promise of services delivery is observed as basic company policy. We are always online to handle your situations to address the issues on the spot with acceptable solutions on both ends.

Travel Arrangements

Our dynamic web portal (website) for Umrah & Hajj, renders easy to use and comprehensive flights booking procedures with visa services to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj purposes. We make sure that our online customers get best bottom low air fares on major airline bookings.

Private Guide

We let you feel privileged with dedicated and private travel and Umrah Guides to handle your odds and hesitations in this sacred tour and holy intention to fulfill with English and Urdu speaking Umrah and Hajj guides. W make it sure that you perform real Umrah and Hajj with us filled with aspirations of faith and divine forgiveness from Almighty Allah, no doubt Allah loves those who seek his forgiveness.

Location Manager

Once you have been landed in Saudi Arabia, We take rest all on our shoulders to manage your stay with promised hotel and rooms, food and transportation which is subject to the Umrah & Hajj packages you choose for yourself. We provide quality and comfortable transports to manage your inter-city travel requirements for Zayarat visiting after you have done at Makkah in Haram shreef.